How to call: Step by step

Calling internationally is easy. The easiest way to explain it is through a short video, as it is done differently from a landline than it is from a mobile (cellphone).

If you are calling internationl numbers from a mobile (cellular) phone ,you need to know how to dial the plus (+) sign. There are different ways to do this depending upon your model of cellular telephone. See the video below which shows how exactly to do it from different models of cellphone. Other phones will all work on some variation of those methods shown in the video - finding the key which has the plus sign, then either holding it until the plus sign appears or pressing it rapidly twice. It is usually on either the "0" or the "*" key.

Dialing Internationally from a Landline

Calling Internationally from a Mobile Phone

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What time is it over there? Remember to check the time zone in the country you are calling. Your friends may be very glad to hear from you, but not necessarily at 3:00 in the morning!

Note: For most countries, you do not dial the (0) before the city code! EXCEPT FOR RUSSIA AND ITALY!

For example:The number for the British Museum in London is:
+44 (0)20 7323 8000/8299

When Dialing this number from the USA, you would leave out the zero. So you would dial:

011 44 20 7323 8000

The /8299 just means that they have 300 phone numbers with the last four digits going from 8000 to 8299.